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Tuesday, March 25 2014

KAIROS moments are all about learning to pay attention to, dissect and interpret life --- as it happens each day -- in light of God's promised Presence, His Word and with the foundational understanding that ALL of life has a PURPOSE. -- That there is truly NOTHING RANDOM!!!!

EVERYTHING has purpose and meaning -- AND -- God wants to instruct us and CHANGE us from the INSIDE OUT!!!

So, when Jesus says: "THE TIME HAS COME. THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS NEAR. REPENT & BELIEVE THE GOOD NEWS" he is inviting us to believe that His Kingdom is breaking into our current, personal, day-to-day life experience. And, if THAT is true, then what we go thru EVERY DAY contains an element of truth & instruction and offers us the possibility to CHANGE (Repent & believe --- Re-think, change direction in thought, word and/or action).

And WHEN WE DO, His Kingdom goes even deeper into us!!! -- see Mark 1:15

And, if all that is true, then God is already speaking to you.... right now.... even as you're reading this.... His Kingdom is NEAR. The Time is NOW. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO LEARN & CHANGE, in response to His Kingdom coming closeby?

(Unless of course, you already have it all together!! LOL!!)

PS --You might not think you are qualified to interpret your life events. You might not think you know enough about God, or the Bible or theology, to do this. That's crap! God will work with you WHERE YOU'RE AT, WITH WHAT YOU KNOW and will teach you as you go. Just start! Take some time to look at what has already happened today. Ask Him to show you His Kingdom (which is near) and what He wants to show you about yourself. Then, be ready to grow, change and process what you're learning with a few others on the pathway with you in Christ. The journey begins!

Those who have been around the "church" for any amount of time, might be tempted to think we are not yet qualified to interpret our own "KAIROS" MOMENTS -- until we learn more Bible knowledge. But, God's Spirit will ALWAYS lead us and help us interpret our lives. It's true. The Word is THE Text of life and will always help us know God and His will more clearly --- but it ONLY comes alive when it INTERSECTS with our current reality and understanding....

So, in one sense, we are ALREADY EXPERTS on ourselves! And, that is where we MUST start --- THAT is where God is willing to meet us and instruct us. IF we're willing to make the time for Him and for others to join us in the journey!

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