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Monday, November 27 2023

Good Morning Cyber Worshipers and Prayer Warriors! Well we don't worship the things of the world or get caught up in hoarding things of this world or the materialistic or being consumer church members (what can the church give me?). We are other worldly and to travel lite. Have you ever seen a hearse with a u-haul trailer behind it? But the internet is a great tool to be used for God things. We have an awesome Zoom huddle every Tues. at 10. We connect to new and searching neighbors through our website and Face Book post. We share prayer requests and these blogs in emails. I have trainings on line and our meetings are now on Zoom, saving time and travel for our church leaders. Adapting to the ever changing opportunities and ways of the world is a God thing that can be done for His glory as He says, "Behold! I am doing a new thing!" Being in this world but not of it brings opportunities to join God as He reaches people in new ways and allows us to worship, meet, share and even encourage and love in all new ways! PTL! I'm all about doing things differently that will attract new people to God today. God gives us new tools all the time to serve Him, others, worship, and make disciples. PTL! However, we always have to be careful that we don't allow those tools to lead us away from God and His best. One of the greatest choices we made almost 20 years ago was to unplug from the cable. That means no mindless TV shows, sports, commercials, newscasts. How refreshing! We are not beholden to a cable company (except for internet. They need to deregulate the internet like electric and gas companies). We are not being brain washed by commercials that run longer than TV shows and propaganda from TV shows and news casts. What a blessing! Seriously consider pulling the plug and turning off the noise. 

God is always up to something and allowing us to use many new tools to reach new people. How many of you still have black and white 3 channel TV's with no remotes? It's the same with the way we worship. Why do many churches observe obsolete and man-made traditions? Nostalgia? Comfort levels? It's-just-what-we-always-did-but-not sure-why? I think often about my guide in Israel making fun of the different Jewish Sects for their silly outfits and traditions because some founder 100 years ago dressed like that or did that. It's kinda like the Amish. Why do we do the things we do and observe the traditions we do? Do they point to God? Do they lead us from being one way to another as God molds and shapes us and leads us to be usable today? That's a filter we need to run every thing through that we want to or are reluctant to do as God leads us to His new things and new ways. Think about the irrelevancy of doing VBS today, King James Bibles' language, maybe even stained glass windows, hymns and organ music. How does God want to use the things we do to point those He is sending to Him? God is always refining, pruning, and leading us to His best. Yeah we used to have those three channel black and white TV's but what we have today is much better (yet still a tool of Satan!)

Learning to walk by faith and not by sight and following God to the new things He is doing can be uncomfortable but we are called to die to self, take up cross, be crucified in Christ and follow Him. We are working on becoming the people we were created to be and doing the things we were created to do. We are working on becoming all we can be--our fullest potential in Christ. We were one way, but now another and maybe another next year as God refines and leads us. Becoming our best possible person in Christ means constant change, constant movement and is preparation for things to come. We are gathered as God's Good News Delivery Co, St. Matts. Division for such a time as this and to make disciples that will impact the world for generations to come. How are we doing? Where is God leading? How are we preparing? The answers to these questions are what we need to always be evaluating and then adapting as we follow Jesus. Pray hard into this! What new things is God leading us to do? What good but obsolete things might we need to shed? Pray for our vision team meeting in January for us to seek, understand and follow God to what's for now and what are some new or next things to invest in. Pray for buy-in for all of us as we trust God and follow Him well into 2024 and beyond. If things don't change, we may only have a few more years left. Let us pour ourselves out as an offering for God to use and commit to investing into His future plans for us! He does have great plans for us! Plans to prosper and not harm. He is working all things together for the good of those who believe or will come to believe. Let us commit to trusting and following well together and encouraging and helping each other into God's best future for us!

So what's God saying to you right now and what are you willing to do about it?

I had no intention of going here today BUT GOD was typing through me. I wanted to talk about our great devos below! We are committed to walk by faith and not by sight and to allowing God to have His way with us as He refines and guides us to His best. I've been crying out to God for direction to lead us from the Become Me in '23 Challenge to what He has planned for us ahead. I keep hearing "Seeking More in '24." God wants to do immeasurably more than we can think or imagine. But to get there, it will continue to require our full fellowship stepping into their roles, being open to trying new things and growing in trust and obedience. We are all created and gifted in Christ for God's plans for us for such a time as this. What measurable way are you stepping into your part? 

Years ago, before we were called to St Matts, Pastor Al and I were attending a church where the pastor challenged us to pray this prayer, "Wreck me God!" It is a prayer for dying to self and being all-in. God has been faithful to do that and lead Al and me to some great things and ministries as He refined, grew, and continues to lead us to His new and next things. Once in awhile we have to remind each other that we prayed that prayer with each other like 15 years ago and that God is still faithfully answering our heart felt plea and the sacrificial offering of ourselves. We were one way and God keeps transitioning us to new and better things and ways as we continue to ask Him to carry on His good work.

OK so there's Sunday's sermon--maybe? Prayerfully engage with our devos and God and ask Him to speak to your heart and direct your steps. Pray for dreams and vision from God to lead us to His BIG things as we process them and prepare together. Pray for us to hold loosely and allow God to take us to new heights. Turn off the noise. Kick Satan out of your mind. Tune into God. And commit to being all in as we allow God full access and control. Cry out for more of Him and less of you. Cry out for more in '24 as we believe for new things for us and for many to be drawn to Him as we reach our neighbors and make disciples. God has very good plans! Strap on the helmets and God's armor good and tight in prayer! Let's Roll! We are custom made, gifted and sent for such a time as this! YEE HA! Daylight's burning!

Charles Stanley:

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UR: Beyond Appearances

The Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” - 1 Samuel 16:7 (NIV)

The student dining hall has shelves full of fruit. Usually I grab a few apples on my way to my next class. But I find it difficult to choose the best apples. Many that are spotless and bright red are actually flavorless or bitter. I prefer the yellow apples. They are bruised, dirty, and look unappetizing. But despite their inferior appearance, they are the sweetest apples I’ve ever tasted.

Likewise, God looks beyond appearances when viewing us. God doesn’t care about our bodies or how we appear; God looks at our hearts and sees our true worth.

David’s brothers were taller, better looking, and more heroic than he was. Any of them would have been an obvious choice to be the next king of Israel. But God saw their appearances and their hearts — and at God’s direction Samuel chose David. Though he was not as impressive outwardly, David was someone after God’s own heart.

If we want to be like Christ, then we should learn to see people God’s way — not for their outward presentation but for their hearts. May we learn to see how God sees and to love how God loves.


Dear God, give us eyes to see people’s true worth and the conviction to ignore worldly standards. Help us to see as you see and love as you love. Amen.ODB:

Serving for God’s Sake

They are to . . . [fulfill] the obligations of the Israelites by doing the work of the tabernacle. Numbers 3:8

READ Numbers 3:5–9


When England’s Queen Elizabeth passed away in September 2022, thousands of soldiers were deployed to march in the funeral procession. Their individual roles must have been almost unnoticeable in the large crowd, but many saw it as the greatest honor. One soldier said it was “an opportunity to do our last duty for Her Majesty.” For him, it was not what he did, but whom he was doing it for that made it an important job.

The Levites assigned to take care of the tabernacle furnishings had a similar aim. Unlike the priests, the Gershonites, Kohathites, and Merarites were assigned seemingly mundane tasks: cleaning the furniture, lampstands, curtains, posts, tent pegs, and ropes (Numbers 3:25–26, 28, 31, 36–37). Yet their jobs were specifically assigned by God, constituted “doing the work of the tabernacle” (v. 8), and are recorded in the Bible for posterity.

What an encouraging thought! Today, what many of us do at work, at home, or in church may seem insignificant to a world that values titles and salaries. But God sees it differently. If we work and serve for His sake—seeking excellence and doing so for His honor, even in the smallest task—then our work is important because we’re serving our great God.

By Leslie Koh


How might knowing that you’re ultimately serving God change the way you work? How can you do it with pride and excellence for His sake?

Father, thank You for giving me this opportunity to serve You. Help me to be faithful with the talents and strength You’ve given me to work for You.


Who were the Levites? Levi was the third son of Jacob (Genesis 29:34). The Levites were his descendants through his sons Gershon, Kohath, and Merari (46:11). What was special about this tribe? They were a sacred “special forces” group within the nation who were assigned tabernacle duties. Because of their role in Israel, they were exempt from military service (Numbers 1:44–49). During the period of history that included the portable tabernacle, the Levites alone were tasked with its set up, take down, transport, and protection (vv. 50–54). Numbers 4:1–33 provides a breakdown of their specific tasks. What considerations were given to the Levites for their services? “I give to the Levites all the tithes in Israel as their inheritance in return for the work they do while serving at the tent of meeting” (18:21).

Arthur Jackson

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