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Monday, December 25 2023
Merry Christmas! For unto us a Savior has been born. He is Christ the Lord! Woo Who! Rejoice!
Who is that Baby? How is that affecting your life? He made you, loves you so much that He put on flesh and left heaven to bring forgiveness, hope, love and new life alive so that you could be with Him forever. Worship Him! Offer yourself to Him. Receive Him! He really loves you and wants to spend eternity with you and He has made that possible! Bow down and worship the King of the Universe, our Lord and Savior!
Yesterday our numbers swelled (We would have had over 70 if our sick and traveling members would have been there) as some invited guests joined us and heard the Good News about that Baby/King. We had some extra family members, racing people, bread ministry people, and even some that use our building for an NA meeting place. Why? Because we invited them to come and see and experience the love of God and His love through us. Several families have expressed interest in joining St. Matts. Why? because of God loving through us and a simple invite. PTL and ask Him who He wants you to invite to come experience Love. Then do it! We are really growing at learning to live and love like Jesus and into the people we were created to be as we learn to live and love like Jesus better! PTL!
The angels said to the shepherds to go and find hope, wrapped in swaddling clothing lying in a manger. They did, yet really didn't understand the significance of it all. But went and spread the good news that the Messiah had come! There was hope in baby flesh for all. The longing in prayer for God to send the promised one had been answered. We may not understand, well really can't, fathom the immensity of God's love, wisdom and plans. That's a good thing! But we have met the Savior and know Him as our Lord and we can allow Him to save us, love through us, mold us and use us for His glory. That comes to life as we step into our new nature in Christ and follow Him just as we are to our custom made purposes. What joy! What love! A baby changes everything! Rejoice!
Thank you all for partnering together to love well! Thank you to our Family Ministry team of servants who served us yesterday. Thank you to the anonymous donor that helped fund the meal. Thank you to all who offered their gifts to make the traditional part of worship beautiful. Thank you for the gift given to me! (What a blessing!) And thank you for your love! Many experienced God's love yesterday and want more! PTL! God really loves us and has more great plans ahead! Let us continue to seek Him and follow our Bright Morning Star as we light up the world around us! Living and loving like Jesus, just as you are and doing what we were made to do with what we've been given is Jesus' easy yoke. May we seek more of Him and grow more into our greater purposes in 2024. But for today, be still and know that He is our God who loves us just as we are and enjoy this day of celebration. Receive His love and shalom. Yes a baby does change everything! Rejoice!
Who is that baby? Why does it matter? What's that mean to you? A Baby Changes Everything:
I am who I am because I am allowing I AM to be who He is in and through me!Living and loving like Jesus begins with a baby and allowing Him to become your Lord, Savior and Shepherd. That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown. Rejoice for unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, Christ our Lord! Open and share the greatest gift ever given--LOVE! Abide in His love always and know His peace! Rejoice!
(NOTE: with many around us being sick and COVID spreading again, we decided to have a week of home church on Zoom only next Sunday Dec 31st to allow things to settle down before gathering again Jan. 7th)
Sarah Prayer Letter from last night: 
Good evening Warriors,
What a great day of worship and fellowship......Our Christmas Eve service was a wonder-filled experience.
 Several new faces and families joined us to hear about the true meaning of Christmas.
Worship, praises, prayer, yummy food, and fellowship.....what a day!
It is our prayer that as you celebrate Christmas with your family and friends, that you will not forget
the true reason for the season!   JESUS!
We have a prayer request to share..... Gladys Ketner was transferred back to the hospital today.
 She has tested positive with COVID. They are hoping to be able to give her the medication she needs
quicker through an IV. Keep her in your prayers for healing...and also her family.
Continue to pray for Lorraine Sigafoss as she is in ICU with heart issues.
Continue to pray for Tara Walters - as her heal weakens we are praying that the Lord will send His
angels to usher her home. Please keep her family in your prayers during this difficult time.
Pray for one another. as some are dealing with sadness, loss of a loved one, depression and illness during this holiday
season.   Found this song tonight..... Bring your wounded heart to the manger. Fall down at the feet of the King, When
thrills of hope don't find you, He loves you just the same. You don't have to be OK, just because it's Christmas.
He is healing for the broken and He's home for all the lost. He's comfort for the weary, sent from Heaven just for us
So you don't have to hide your questions deep within your soul. Emmanuel already knows.......
May we celebrate Emmanuel, God who is always with us!
Have a great Christmas celebration!

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