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Saturday, January 06 2024
Good Morning Humble, Forgiven Much, Repentant, Thanks-Living, True Children of God! Thank God we are so loved and so forgiven! Ask for God to reveal sins and places you need to repent and conviction to do it. Live as true children of God and for His glory! Cry out for this nation and revival and even personal revival.  We are truly very blessed people, chosen by God for such a time as this. Thank Him and follow Him well! 
Check out the devos below reminding us of our hope, how to pray and seek God for direction and wisdom at our crossroads as we seek to follow Him to His new things for us and how to steward well all His blessings. Ask Him to keep us off rabbit trails and to choose His best over the good and better things. God has great plans for you and us that we were custom made to do and now are gifted, enabled and empowered to complete in Christ. PTL! What's your purposes? What may God want you to work on to Become More of who you were created to be doing more of the things you were created to do. Talk to Him about that and ask for a word or two to work on and for people to work through things with and be accountable to.
Sun. Worship: We will make an announcement at noon tomorrow (Sat.) regarding if we will be in person or Zoom only for church Sunday. Watch for email and one call notices. (Indications are at this point to be Zoom only. If we open, chose wisely and safely.)
Year End Giving Statements: If you would like your statement please contact Debbie Siegfried at  Thank you (copy and paste this link in your email or text her at 610-657-5762)
Last chance to update your directory information: Email Lori, our secretary at,   (Copy link in your email or text Lori at 610-657-0583
Everlasting Life Offering will be collected next in person worship service.
Giving Envelopes: The 2024 offering envelopes are available for pick up when we next gather. They are on a table in the rear of the sanctuary.
Christmas Cards: The next time we gather please check the mailbox in the main entrance lobby as there are many cards still there. (We did mail some along with some offering envelopes to homebound and Pastor Don delivered some)
One Call phone updates: If you'd like to be added to our One Call phone directory to be informed of important information, urgent prayer needs and reminders, please contact Sarah at 610-392-8778 and she will add you. (Helps to know if building is closed for snow!) We try to use this system only for urgent needs.
Okay, so running very late with this as God allowed me to sleep in until 4 this morning and I spent an awesome quiet time with Him. He's there speaking to us all. Are you listening and responding? He loves to hang out with you and prepare you for the day as He speaks to your heart. Be still and know He is God and is with you always! Worship, trust and obey! God loves you and is calling you by name! Do you hear Him? He is the one who brings the word of life, even to things that are like dead! He speaks shalom over the chaos. He speaks comfort and encouragement. He loves you and loves to bless you as you hang out! Rejoice!
Harvest Prayer for Revival:

January 5 - Praying for Revival (Day 5): Our Sin Is Great

As Isaiah looked at his nation, he understood the depths of the depravity of his day. He didn’t cry out, “Lord, bring Your blessing.” He cried out, “Woe to me! . . . I am ruined!” (Isa. 6:5).

Isaiah was shaken to his core with the sight of God’s holiness and his own brokenness. His only response: “I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips, and my eyes have seen the King, the Lord Almighty” (6:5).

Is it possible that God has not brought revival to our county because we expect Him to do so, as though we were entitled to that grace? Perhaps God is waiting for His people to show greater remorse and repentance on behalf of the nation. The larger Church also appears to lack deep contrition. Historically, intercession has included a sense of mourning over our personal and collective sins.

Can you imagine what would happen in this country if the Church came together with holy hands, sacrificial fasting, and the worship of God in a way that brought unity and a desire only for God’s glory?

This is what it takes for a nation to be healed. Repentant, desperate prayer is what it will take for certain blessings to be released.

Lord, I humbly acknowledge Your unsurpassable holiness, and I am broken in Your presence. You are good and just in all You do. Wake up Your Church to be obedient in her role of mourning for the sins of our nation and repenting before You. Teach me and my faith community how to embrace hearts of contrition, sacrificial fasting and anything else You wish us to do to demonstrate deep humility before Your holy presence. May our urgent, passionate intercession change the course of history and bring healing to this nation as we repent and desperately seek Your face in this dark moment. Release the undeserved blessing upon us that will result in multitudes of people turning to Jesus!

Pr a y e r Po i n t s:

• Humbly acknowledge God’s unsurpassable holiness—and our brokenness in His presence. He is good and just in all He does.

• Ask God to wake up His Church to be obedient in her role of mourning for the sins of our nation and repenting before our holy God.

• Pray that your church will embrace hearts of contrition, sacrificial fasting, and other ways to demonstrate deep humility before God.

• Pray for healing of this nation through repentant, desperate prayer that changes the course of history.

• Pray for God’s mercy to release undeserved blessing upon this nation that results in multitudes turning to Christ.

--Adapted from Day 5 by David Kubal: Do It Again, Lord (30 Days of Hope-Filled Prayer for Revival)  compiled and edited by Carol Madison. 

Charles Stanley:
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God at the Crossroads

Stand at the crossroads and look; . . . ask where the good way is, and walk in it. Jeremiah 6:16

READ Deuteronomy 30:15–20

After days of illness and then spiking a high temperature, it was clear my husband needed emergency care. The hospital admitted him immediately. One day folded into the next. He improved, but not enough to be released. I faced the difficult choice to stay with my husband or fulfill an important work trip where many people and projects were involved. My husband assured me he’d be fine. But my heart was torn between him and my work.

God’s people needed His help at the crossroads of life’s decisions. Far too often, they hadn’t adhered to His revealed instructions. So Moses implored the people to “choose life” by following His commands (Deuteronomy 30:19). Later, the prophet Jeremiah offered words of direction to God’s wayward people, wooing them to follow His ways: “Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it” (Jeremiah 6:16). The ancient paths of Scripture and God’s past provision can direct us.

I imagined myself at a physical crossroads and applied Jeremiah’s template of wisdom. My husband needed me. So did my work. Just then, my supervisor called and encouraged me to remain home. I drew a breath and thanked God for His provision at the crossroads. God’s direction doesn’t always come so clearly, but it does come. When we stand at the crossroads, let’s make sure to look for Him.

By Elisa Morgan


Where do you need direction today? How might God be revealing Himself to you?

Dear God, when I’m uncertain, help me to stand at the crossroads and look for Your provision.


After God delivered the Israelites from Egypt, that generation (except for Caleb and Joshua) disqualified themselves from being permitted to enter the promised land because they failed to trust God (Deuteronomy 1:32-37). The book of Deuteronomy (the name comes from a Greek word meaning “second law”) addresses the younger generation about to enter the land. In it, Moses teaches them God’s law and stresses the importance of fully obeying it.

In chapter 30, Moses urged them to enter into a covenant, or binding commitment, to be wholly devoted to God (vv. 15-20). Through this covenant, the new generation would pledge anew their devotion to God and His law. In the ancient Near East, covenant ceremonies would typically include calling on deities as witness to the promises made. Since God is the only true God, in this covenant, His creation—heaven and earth—is called as a witness (v. 19).

Study Deuteronomy as God brings Israel to their crossroads.

Monica La Rose
UR:  Intent on Giving

Do nothing from selfish ambition or empty conceit, but in humility regard others as better than yourselves. Let each of you look not to your own interests but to the interests of others. - Philippians 2:3-4 (NRSVUE)

After a snowstorm and dramatic drop in temperature, a thick layer of ice and snow covered the ground. Although it was blisteringly cold, my husband, Solomon, went out to clear the sidewalk in front of our house. It was hard work, but he slowly began to carve a path.

Solomon had leaned back on his shovel to take a brief break when a man passed by. He was dressed inadequately for the weather and looked gaunt, but he offered to help Solomon shovel the snow and did so with gusto. As the man shoveled snow, he and my husband struck up a conversation. Upon hearing that the man was homeless, Solomon’s heart was grieved. He knew that during the harsh winter, many people were in dire need of shelter and provision, yet this stranger had approached Solomon with a heart intent on giving. Working together, they cleared the sidewalk. In return for his kindness, Solomon gave the man a gift before bidding him farewell.

Afterward, Solomon ruminated on the lesson God had shown him — that help can come in unexpected ways and we should be open to receiving it. We each have God-given gifts that we can use to lift each other up and provide hope.

Merciful Father, help us to receive the gifts and assistance of others. Show us how to use our gifts to provide hope and help to those around us. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
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