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Saturday, January 13 2024

Thank God I'm Forgiven! Thank God I'm Restored! Thank God for using you as His vessel of love, forgiveness, restoration and example! What stories we have to share of ALL God has and is doing and we will have many more to share AS WE CONTINUE TO ALLOW HIM, INVITE HIM TO USE AND SEND US! Thank God I'm forgiven and empowered to go love!

Good Morning Springs of Living Water and Lighthouses! That's God's pronouncement over us today in the dark, dry and weary land. We are redeemed, restored and sent to bring the Light to darkness and springs of Living Water to the thirsty. Today darkness continues to try to overcome our communities and nation. Many are weary and thirsty for some love, truth and hope found only in our Living Water, Jesus. We are commissioned to go, love and bring life where things are as dead. Satan and His minions are relentless and continue to lead to great sin, self-serving love, chaos and hopelessness. He is a liar and on mission to deceive and destroy. Many are entranced and consumed by his darkness and ways. BUT GOD! But we have the remedy and He lives in us! Many are becoming weary and need to sip some of the Living Water we have in us. We have the Light that drives back the darkness. Someone said, "God eagerly awaits the chance to bless the person whose heart is turned toward Him." We know and experience these blessing and we are sent to bring them to those God is drawing and are searching for Him and His Life, Light, Love, Hope and our help. On this TGIF Friday, commit to allowing God to use you to shine bright among those of the darkness and bring life and Living Water to the thirsty. Pray a covering over us. Pray for God to open our eyes to the thirsty and weary He is drawing out of the darkness. Pray for Him to prepare and use you well. Thank Him for redeeming and restoring and wanting to use you. Thank Him for preparing you for such a time as this. Revival begins on our knees and in each of us before it explodes around us. Pray for revival to explode around us and to be a firecracker that is part of that. Pray for blind eyes, deaf ears and hard hearts to be open to Truth, Light, Love and Life. Come Jesus Come! Send me! Use me! Bring revival and let it begin with me!

Check out the thread through our devotionals today. Do you see it? Turn off the noise and chaos of this day and tune into Truth, Love, Light and Life that comes from our Living Water and His Living Word! ODB reminds us that we are God's Workers. In the Become More in '24 Challenge God wants us to seek Him more and do more of our created for, custom made assignments each day. Do you know yours? God is always speaking, directing and bringing life to His plans for you and for us as His Body. Ask Him to direct you to the words He'd like you to work on this year to become more like Jesus and do more of your created purposes. God always draws me to Eph. 2:10...we are God's masterpieces, made new in Christ to do all He planned for us before we were born. We all have purpose and potential and we matter. What's your part and what are you doing about it? The UR reminds us of God's renewing, restoring power and how He restores us so we can restore others. Be refreshed in His Living Water today and then allow springs of Living Water to flow from you and refresh the thirsty. 

Now all of this thinking may cause you to shrink back and grumble as you are set in your ways and comfortable. God is in the business of growing our faith by stretching us and leading us from being couch potato Christians to going, as His vessels, of life. Like the Bishop reminds us, to be a movement of God, people have to get off the couch and move with God. Are you willing. It all begins with little steps of faith. maybe those first steps are to turn off the TV and pick up your Bibles? Check out TWFYT's reminder to take control of the little things so God can lead you to the greater things He has for you. God is speaking and the darkness will never push back His Light and the dryness will never snuff out His Living Water. Where's your focus today? Grumbling pity party is where Satan loves to keep you. But Jesus has the words that bring life. He's speaking them over you wanting to speak them through you. Turn off the noise, receive His Living Water and Light and go love well today! Amen! TGIF! Who needs to know how to receive that Good News? God has great plans for you and us! PTL. Go light up your neighborhood and bring refreshing love and new life to the thirsty God is placing near you. Revival is coming! PTL! Go and join Him in it.

Today many will gather in Emmaus to gush over our president. Many of these are blinded and think the government has all the answers and put their hope in lies, deceit and man. Whichever side of the political fence you are on, we know man and his ways are folly compared to God's wisdom and ways. TURN OFF THE NOISE! Don't be deceived! The dominion of darkness controls this nation no matter who is president. Pray for deliverance and revival. We know Hope! We know Truth! And we know Life! Pray for the people of this nation to stop putting hope in man and their plans but to come to Christ, our only hope. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Trust Him. Turn off the noise and cry out for His Kingdom to come and will to be done and for Him to use you and us as His change agents and Good News Bringers. Ask God to lead you to one person who is weary and needs to be refreshed by the Living Water. This is the year of the Lord's favor and we are His vessels of Good news. What's your part in His Good News Delivery Co? What will you do about that? Start on your knees today!

Harvest Prayer Day 12 revival prayer:

January 12, 2024 - Praying for Revival (Day 12): Yet We Have Hope

Jeremiah offers the consummate answer to life’s dilemmas—hope in God! The weeping prophet defines the anchor of our hope as the Lord’s infinite love, unfailing compassions, and abounding faithfulness:

“This I call to mind and therefore I have hope: Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness” (Lam. 3:21–23).

Jeremiah continues by recounting the reasons for his hope. He then challenges himself and the people of Zion to examine their ways, return to the Lord, and acknowledge their sin (vv. 25–42).

When divisiveness pervades a nation, this bright picture of repentance and hope, against the dark backdrop of despair, becomes a starting point for prayer. Even when the doors of prayer seem tightly shut, the foyer of weeping is always open.

The prophet’s hope confronts his sorrows. Faith debates fears. Night or day, the Lord God of heaven and earth demonstrates His extravagant kindness and inexhaustible faithfulness. God’s covenant love always wins the argument!

Jesus, I praise You that I can continually put my Hope in You as my Lord and Savior! Your great love keeps me from being consumed, and Your unfailing compassions are new every morning!

Oh God, renew my prayer and praise, even in the midst of disappointments that sometimes seem insurmountable in our nation. I ask for a spirit of weeping and repentance to overcome the Church and for a nation-transforming demonstration of Your extravagant kindness and inexhaustible faithfulness.

Pr a y e r Po i n t s:

• Praise God that we can always put our hope in Him as our Savior and Lord!

• Praise the Lord that His great love keeps us from being consumed, and His unfailing compassions are new every morning!

• Ask God to renew your prayer and praise, even amid disappointments that may seem insurmountable in our nation.

• Pray for a spirit of weeping and repentance to overcome the Church as a prelude to revival.

• Pray for a nation-transforming demonstration of God’s extravagant kindness and inexhaustible faithfulness.

--Adapted from Day 12 by Kay Horner: Do It Again, Lord (30 Days of Hope-Filled Prayer for Revival)  compiled and edited by Carol Madison. This book is available at Use the code CONPSP3 at checkout to receive an additional 10% discount on the book.


God’s Worker

The Lord was with Joseph and gave him success in whatever he did. Genesis 39:23

READ Genesis 39:19–23


In a refugee camp in the Middle East, when Reza received a Bible, he came to know and believe in Jesus. His first prayer in Christ’s name was, “Use me as your worker.” Later, after he left the camp, God answered that prayer when he unexpectedly secured a job with a relief agency, returning to the camp to serve the people he knew and loved. He set up sports clubs, language classes, and legal advice—“anything that can give people hope.” He sees these programs as a way to serve others and to share God’s wisdom and love.

When reading his Bible, Reza felt an instant connection with the story of Joseph from Genesis. He noticed how God used Joseph to further His work while he was in prison. Because God was with Joseph, He showed him kindness and granted him favor. The prison warden put Joseph in charge and didn’t have to pay attention to matters there because God gave Joseph “success in whatever he did” (Genesis 39:23).

God promises to be with us too. Whether we’re facing imprisonment—literal or figurative—hardship, displacement, heartache, or sorrow, we can trust that He’ll never leave us. Just as He enabled Reza to serve those in the camp and Joseph to run the prison, He’ll stay close to us always.

By Amy Boucher Pye


When have you experienced God’s redeeming action, such as Reza and Joseph did? How does Joseph’s story help you to trust Him more?

Saving God, You never leave me, even when I face the hardest of circumstances. Please give me hope and eyes to see Your work in my life.


In Genesis 39, the word translated “prospered” (v. 2) or “success” (vv. 3, 23) is the Hebrew word tsalakh. In Genesis 24, it’s used in connection with the mission of Abraham’s “senior servant” to find a wife for Abraham’s son Isaac (vv. 21, 40, 42). Elsewhere in Scripture, “success” is associated with obedience to the Scriptures. After the mantle of leadership had been transferred from Moses to Joshua, God told Joshua that he’d be “prosperous and successful” (Joshua 1:8) when he obeyed God’s law. In Psalm 1, the person who delights in the words of God “is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither—whatever they do prospers” (v. 3). The success of God’s servants is based on God’s provision—His presence and His strength to obey Him.

Arthur Jackson

UR: God's Renewing Power

[The Lord] turns rivers into a desert, springs of water into thirsty ground. - Psalm 107:33 (NRSVUE)

One day, I looked across a valley and saw a garden of maize. I wondered why the garden had been planted in such a hot, sandy, and dry place. I was surprised there could be such green growth in an almost desert area. Then I learned that the farmer had dug wells to water his garden so that he was able to plant the maize and get a plentiful harvest.

When I seem to be stuck in barren situations, God is able to make waters spring up and bring me renewed life. Oftentimes, when we feel like we are dwelling in a desert, our needs overwhelm us. When our work seems not to be yielding anything good, we feel lifeless, barren, unfruitful. But God is able and willing to cause waters to flow in the midst of our deserts to give life, fruitfulness, and productivity — even where there seems to be no hope. So let us be encouraged by our powerful and loving God!


O Lord, may you create fruitful fields from the barren situations in our lives. In the name of Jesus. Amen.TWFYT:

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Charles Stanley:

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