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Tuesday, January 23 2024
Good Morning Instruments of Revival! That is us! That is you! Come Jesus Come!Today God brought some clarity to what He has been revealing to me the last few days and blogs. I will have four sermons written in four days and am not exactly sure what the Holy Spirit will do today, but I am praying for His Spirit to fall upon our gathering and for revival to come today for individuals, our gathering, our communities and this nation. Yes, Come Jesus Come! Pray the Harvest Prayer revival prayer today and sing and meditate and cry out for Jesus to come (we will sing this first thing this morning). Pray for me to be attentive to the Holy Spirit and for Him to lead me to what ever message or combo or fresh Word to bring today. Pray for open hearts and salvation to fall on those God is drawing. Come Jesus Come! 
God is Light and there is no darkness in Him! Part of our struggle (my struggle) with being a purified people is the Holy Spirit trying to drive that darkness out of us. We cling to old habits and ways and I envision the darkness coming out of me like a demon being cast out kicking and screaming. God has called us to purify ourselves. He has plans for us for such a time as this. It's time to be ready and willing! Come Jesus Come! 
Spend some time with God in His Word and prayer and your devotionals today. Pray for our worship service and come expecting the Holy Spirit to show up, move and bring revival today! PTL! COME! Amen! God's glory is already breaking over us like a sunrise! PTL! Pronounce that with faith over our gathering today.
Come Jesus Come (3:36)
Harvest prayer Revival Blog: (Please meditate and pray through this! God is on the move!!! Come!)

January 21, 2024 - Praying for Revival (Day 21): Rise and Shine

Revival can be described as when Christ “shows up” in His Church afresh to recapture us and reconquer us. Isaiah 60 suggests God’s glory was already breaking over them like a sunrise, exposing many dimensions of His Kingdom purposes to them. What they needed to do was “rise and shine” and seize the day. Here are some phases of revival to help describe the process of waking up to Christ:

Perceive: Be aware as God’s Spirit awakens believers to acknowledge not only that revival is urgently needed, but also that the promise of revival is for them.

Purify: In every revival, repentance must have precedence. Everything in us and in our congregations that disobeys the Holy Spirit—everything that is incompatible with Christ Himself, who is the focus of revival—must be confessed to the Father and put away.

Pray: Biblical and historical revivals reveal that whenever God is ready to reawaken His people to the glories of His Son, He stirs up prayer among them. Today, all of us should rejoice in the unprecedented prayer movement God has ignited among many churches and communities across our nation and world.
We should do everything possible to strengthen the movement inside our own congregations.

Proclaim: Since “faith comes by hearing” (Rom. 10:17), any biblical revival must be a Word-anchored revival. Therefore, Christians should promote the biblical promises for personal and corporate revival. They also should give reports of what God has done and is doing in revival around the world.

Rise and shine, for the glory of Christ is already breaking over us!

Father, thank You for the words of Isaiah 60 that the glory of the Lord rises upon your people and that Your glory appears over us, recapturing and reconquering our hearts. Awaken Your Church to the urgent hope and promise of revival that gives preeminence to Jesus. May repentance and an urgency for holiness characterize the Church across our nation. Renew a spirit of prayer and cooperation and unity between pastors, prayer leaders and the various denominations and fellowships across our land.

Pr a y e r Po i n t s:

• Praise God that “the glory of the Lord rises upon you . . . and His glory appears over you” (Isa. 60:1–2).

• Pray for God’s glory to break over you, your family, and your church. Pray that it “recaptures and reconquers” you.

• Pray for an awakening to the urgent hope and promise of revival that gives preeminence to Jesus.

• Pray for the priority of repentance and urgency for holiness to characterize the Church in our nation.

• Ask God to renew a spirit of prayer and cooperation between pastors, prayer leaders, and churches of various denominations. Ask God to use your church to lead in this movement.

--Adapted from Day 21 by David Bryant: Do It Again, Lord (30 Days of Hope-Filled Prayer for Revival)  compiled and edited by Carol Madison. 

Wagner's newsletter:

Greetings Friends, 

Happy New Year from **SNOWY** Pennsylvania! While we thoroughly enjoy watching the snow fall from the warmth of our dining room table, we do want our local friends to know that even though it’s true “the Wagner’s are back on home assignment”, this does not mean “their kids must be praying for snow”! We don’t believe for a minute that our grown kids (except maybe Micah, a first-year teacher who still loves snow days) still PRAY for snow like they did as kids growing up in the southern hemisphere only possibly seeing snow every few years.

WHAT is Home Assignment?
For the last year, we have been sharing with you about these few months when we would be Stateside. What we haven’t shared is exactly WHAT we would do during this time.
REST: Time away from our most recent three plus year term of full-time ministry allows for a much-needed season of rest and renewal. This is critically important to our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. It allows us time and space to BE STILL and step-away from our overseas life. Different pace. Different routine. Different people. We appreciate those who have asked about Brian’s unexpected health concern mentioned in our last update. He has recently completed a series of medical tests and follow-up appointments that have ruled things out and brought more clarity as to what is going on. We are thankful for the excellent medical care he is receiving and should know details about treatment by our next update. PRAY that we would make good choices during these months that give us opportunities for rest and renewal.
RECONNECT: Though we’ve been Stateside three times in the last three years for three weddings(!), it’s wonderful to have extended time for renewing relationships. Over our first 8 weeks, we have welcomed our first grandchild, spent Christmas with our big kids, traveled through 12 different States, visited with more than 30 former RVA staff and alumni and supporters, and have shared meals with extended family and friends. PRAY that the Lord would order our steps and orchestrate our schedule as we seek to renew relationships.
RECHARGE: One of the ways we can recharge and prepare to return to Kenya later this year, is to share “why we do what we do”! Even though we have physically left Kenya for the next 8 months, our hearts and minds are still there. We love teaching, mentoring, caring for, and discipling the next generation while supporting the important work their parents do in sharing JESUS with the nations. But…let’s be honest. Even though WE love doing what WE do (and YOU love doing what YOU do), there are days that are good and other days that are just plain hard. There are events that are uplifting and others that are challenging. There are circumstances that give us endless energy and ones that weigh us down. There are tears of great joy and tears of overwhelming sadness. No matter what job we have or what time zone we live in -- we ALL need people who encourage us to PRESS ON! PRAY for mutually encouraging conversations that leave us all feeling refreshed and recharged.
Another way to prepare for our return is by doing some purposeful professional development. More on this in our NEXT UPDATE.
As promised, here’s a brief overview of the next two months, where we’ll be and when. Get in touch with us for more detailed information OR if you’d like to schedule a time to get-together! Our schedule is much more open now through mid-February. This is great time to connect.
January 21 – Trinity EC Church, Harrisburg, PA
February 4 – Reich’s EC Church, Marietta, PA
February 25 – Trinity EC Church, Lititz, PA
March 4-8 – AIM’s Engage Week, Peach Tree City, Georgia
March 12-15 – MK Synergy Conference, Waxahachie, Texas
March 17 – Clarks Valley Zion EC Church, Dauphin, PA
Thanks for your prayers as we rest, reconnect, and recharge!

Brian & Missy

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