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Tuesday, January 23 2024

This week:

Tues 10-11 Zoom Huddle. All welcome!

Wed bread distribution 10-12; Family Ministries/Adult Dinner Huddle 6-7:30. All Welcome!

All week: earnestly seeking to Become More in '24!

Good Morning Supernatural Servants of Revival! AMEN! Check out Harvest Prayer's Revival prayer for this 22nd day of the year. Come Jesus come! Bring the supernatural alive in us, Your Church and bring revival alive in this nation! Come Jesus Come! Use us!

I love how God reveals as we move forward in faith to the unknown things He is revealing. He's leading us to and responding to our one step of faith at a time in deep trust and obedience! I had no clue why He was having me rewrite yesterday's message 4 times and changing the service at the last minute. I do know that He responded to my faithfulness! Thanks Lord! I do know He was calling me to bring alive our call to earnestness this year as we work on becoming more like Jesus and doing more of what He created us to do. I didn't know why He wanted me to change things and to get Mike to end the service but I responded with earnest faith. Mike stepped out of His comfort zone out of love and obedience to God and God used Him to soften the exhortation and reminder to be earnest in our walk with the reminder of how loved we are, just as we are. He observed how we are allowing Him to use us and mold us to our fuller potential! And yes we are a faithful people of God learning and growing, as we are, to become more like Jesus! Thanks God and Mike! And thank you, co-laborers! Today in our devotionals below, He reveals some more of His plan. I was faithful to fly the airplane while building it and allowing Him to lead us to the why? God is at work and does have great plans He is bringing to life in, through and around us! PTL! Buckle up and fly your plane!

What's He revealing to you? Is He bringing a word to light to work on? Is He affirming your gifts and calling to love like Jesus? Is the Holy Spirit pinching you to respond to some nudge? What are you thinking you might need to do about these? Will you? Whose helping you? Who might you help? God's speaking and answering our earnest and effective prayers! PTL! I am just so excited to see how He is responding and using our faithful stepping forward with Him! Be still and know with a commitment to earnest following!

God's writing your story and our gathered and sent story through you. He's giving us stories to share that others need to hear! Now there is balance with humility in why you do what you do and we always need to humbly point to God and not tout our own achievements. Our walk is one we need to examine often with God and others and correct as needed. What are your motives? Is Love center in all and leading you? Remember you are a work of art that God loves and He continues to mold us into perfection. Keep your focus right with a supple heart and willing feet. God is shaping you for His greater things and living and loving more earnestly like Jesus will lead us there step by step in faith and obedience. PTL! Worship! Listen, receive and follow well into His awesome future! And enjoy life! God is not an evil taskmaster! God is Love! And Love lives in you and works through you! Rejoice!

Harvest Prayer:

January 22, 2024 - Praying for Revival (Day 22): Jesus in Our Midst

Revival is not strange or mystical. It is simply the Church waking up to the presence of Christ in her midst. It is almost as though God reaches out and slaps us, and we wake up and realize God is there.

We are desperate for that in our nation today. I am not in any way a critic of the Church. The more I travel, the more I fall in love with the Church of Jesus Christ. I am seeing so many wonderful things happen. Christians are doing great things in the name of Jesus—acts of love, mercy, and self-sacrifice. We are doing all we know to do. But it isn’t working as we see the world growing increasingly dark. In a real sense, we are at this wonderful point of despair and hopelessness. The Church is beginning to recognize that we have been doing everything we know how to do—and it is not working.

This is the time for the Church to wake up to God’s presence – to truly experience revival. It is time to humble ourselves before God in prayer and ask Him to make Himself known in the midst of His people so that our nation can be saved and our world impacted for Christ.

Lord Jesus, I praise You for Your great love for Your Church – Your Bride. May Your presence flow into my church and wake up the congregation to the joy of revival! May every believer come alive to the realization that You are our most precious possession. How I treasure Your presence in my life, Lord. Help our nation to recognize its desperate need for Your saving and transforming presence continually. Send a spiritual awakening that reveals Your great love for the lost and that provokes a desire in all peoples to receive Your salvation.

Pr a y e r Po i n t s:

• Praise Jesus for His love for His Church—His Bride.

• Pray for the presence of Jesus to flood your church and awaken your congregation to the joy of revival.

• Pray for your church to wake up to Jesus as the most precious possession—and respond in a way that treasures Jesus’ presence.

• Pray that our nation will recognize its desperate need for the saving and transforming presence of Jesus.

• Pray for a spiritual awakening that reveals Jesus’ love for the lost— and provokes a desire to receive His salvation.

--Adapted from Day 22 by Dave Butts: Do It Again, Lord (30 Days of Hope-Filled Prayer for Revival)  compiled and edited by Carol Madison. This book is available at Use the code CONPSP3 at checkout to receive an additional 10% discount on the book.

Charles Stanley:

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