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Saturday, February 17 2024

Good morning unique creations of God. I'm sitting here watching the beautiful snow fall from my hospital bed, wishing I could be out of this prison and playing in the snow. I'm watching the plow trucks clearing the lots, the slow traffic on 78 carefully persevering through the storm and I'm thinking if Sarah's snowflake making challenge. I'm also praying for Karen who may need to come pick me up later and the team clearing snow for clothing closet and church.

Then I read our devotionals (which I can't forward from my phone). How does Paul's thorn in the flesh and building each other up tie to this what do you think? What are you hearing?

We are all unique creations of God with uniquely created purposes. Some of us our out plowing, some shoveling and some staying out with a warm cup of cocoa. Some are out there fulfilling their purposes while persevering through some storm. Some are plowing away even though it seems futile as the snow piles up right behind the plow. Some are watching and praying. And some are out of control and forging ahead while others are making wise choices. 

Seems like we are all facing some sort of storm or trial today. Life and our efforts often feel useless, yet we carry on in Christ. Many have come to experience that God is sufficient and enough. Some have come to rely on His strength when weakest and He IS enough and knows best. And all of us need the eph. 4:29 building up and encouragement. Who are you cheering on? Who are you helping shovel out of some snowbank? Who are you plowing the path for in prayer and love and help?

Yes we all are facing something. Yes God is sufficient and enough. And we are family that need each other's uniqueness and unique love and help. As you rise and shine later this morning, the storm may be waning, but there is unique opportunities for us all to go live and live like Jesus today. Keep at it friends! God's not finished with you or is. He has great plans, even for today. He is with you always. And He has united us with co-laborers. And like fresh falling snow, we are beautiful together and unique individuals. Let us always consider that uniqueness and the unknown storms and love and encourage well. Amen keep plowing together too. We are making progress. PTL 

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