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Friday, February 23 2024

Good morning friends! It's been a long week already and only five days have passed. As I sit here awaiting routine heart catherization to explore my heart issues, I have peace, yet there are always those thoughts in the back of your head. Could this be the day that I step into Jesus arms? Have I completed my custom made mission well? Will I hear well done? Have I done all I can to bring some lost sheep into the fold? What should I have done differently? You know the types of questioning.

Haha so as I was writing that here comes my nurse trying to put a new IV in. I know it didn't hurt as much as Jesus or shed as much blood but she is now changing the sheets. She missed my veins twice. Praying it's not like that in surgery! Right before she came in my glasses broke. Sometimes all we can do is laugh!

So here's what I've been thinking. They are trying to figure out why my heart is only squeezing at 35%. I can't tell anything is wrong or that I have a fib as well. Our bodies are amazing at adopting. How's that relate to our Body of Christ, our church. Can we tell when people aren't operating at 100%? Do we know ourselves well enough to know we are not running at full song.? There's a reason God had me choose "earnest" as my word. Am I living earnestly for Christ and at my created purposes? There for sure some health things I will have to be more earnest at now.

Pause as I minister to the new phlebotomist sent to get IV in. Turns out she's the cousin of the you g race driver that died in Lehighton in a truck crash a few weeks ago. Please keep looking to God to be at work and join Him! Yesterday our dist EC rep came to visit and God used us to pray for a young cardiologist is getting married in a couple of weeks. God is always at work. Listen and be available.

Wow this blog is all over the place. Hope there is some value in my babbling. Know are a special creation of God, very loved, always forgiven, and He has plans for you...some great, some small, some in between. Earnestly pursue Christ and His plans for you. Allow Him to live and live through you. 

Even at 35% it is still a heart 100% filled with Christ. Until He calls you home, live and live more like Jesus each day and allow Him to use you just as you are a d grow you to His greater things. That is a life well lived in Christ. Amen. And I vite someone, as many as you can, along on your journey. I'm praying for you and us!

I'm still not scheduled and it 6. Maybe I'll be here another day. Well it's a good day for a fast and prayer day anyway. Thank you all for stepping in and covering and helping while I'm out of service. God is using you. Thanks for allowing Him to! Hope to see you all Sunday and feasting together. If God has other plans, see you at the marriage feast of the Lamb! Shalom 

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