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Wednesday, April 10 2024


10-12 Donuts and conversations at the Bread Ministry 10-12 all welcome

6-7:30 Dinner Huddle All welcome

Yesterday we signed a contract with Revival Church to rent our sanctuary Sunday evenings from 5-8. Their first service is next Sunday April 21st. All are invited to come and worship with them. I hope to attend and welcome them to our building and to build some relationships to do some ministry together in the future.


Good Morning Harvest Workers! The harvest is ripe and ripening! Pray for workers for the harvest! We need you, harvest worker, joy and Good News Bringer! What is your custom made part in God's Good News Delivery Co. St. Matts Branch? What are you, will you, do about it? Who is God wanting to partner you with to carry out His plans. Really pray into that and ask for a willing heart to step up and serve and co-labor with some friends.

Last evening our Vision Team had a great time sharing ideas for possibilities to get out of the building this summer and to connect to neighbors. Remember, in effect, our indoor ministry will be shut down for the summer. After seeking God, you voted to not air condition the Fellowship Hall. That decision changed our plans for the summer to what His plans are for us for the summer. He is leading us out of the building and wanting to answer our prayers for new connection points in our neighborhoods. Last evening was an attempt to discern where, what and with who God is wanting to send us. It was supposed to be an evening to begin planning some outreach activities. However, we ran into a snag--a big one. No one is willing to lead or plan any of the things we thought of. So, who may God want YOU to partner with to host and plan some out activity this summer? What will you do about it? I can't do it all and am honoring God's healthy rhythms by choosing not to try like I usually do. I will be focusing on Family Ministries for the summer. That leaves all kinds of adult ministry opportunities to seize to connect to neighbors. What ideas is God giving you? Who does He want you to partner with?

I can't believe God wants us to basically shut down for the summer when we have been making great inroads in connecting to neighbors and connecting them to God. We have pretty much done what we can with the Bread and Clothing Ministry and will continue to connect with the people God is sending to those ministries. However, there are more connection points awaiting our discovery. What do you normally do and enjoy that God may want to use to connect some of us with outsiders needing to know the love of Jesus? Invite a friend or two to join you and try something new intentionally. Maybe a neighborhood cookout. Maybe a night at Rita's and sitting around connecting to others. The ideas are endless! I'm praying for you! God and some He is drawing are waiting for you as well. Where's He leading YOU! Who does He want you to partner with and host and plan something?

April 28th will be our last Brunch for the summer. The Vision Team determined we could try a church picnic again with a tentative date of June 9th. However, we need someone to lead, plan and host. Is that you?

May 15th will be our last indoor gathering of Family Ministries and Adults for dinner and discussions. In the Fall, Family Ministry and Adult Huddle will be separate evenings. I cannot minister to both groups when we are combined. I will be gathering and planning some summer stuff for Family Ministries before May 15. Who wants to do something with the adults for the summer? There were all kinds of ideas shared last evening and God may be leading you to one to try with this group that already gathers weekly. Pray about it and plan some things with some friends. (Half the people that are part of the adult group do not attend our church yet.) How can we continue to reach and partner with them this summer?

We will continue with the Bread Ministry connections for the summer and beyond, but it's time to find some new connection points if we wish to continue to grow, makes disciples and become a dynamic movement of God! Where's God leading you and who with? Keep praying into that! And ask for courage and wisdom to lead or co-lead and plan some things! Ask for eyes t see the new things God is planning for you and us and courage to do something about it. I'm praying for you! You are custom made for custom purposes of God for such a time as this! It's time to grow into living sacrificially and loving lavishly like Jesus! Day light's burning!


Eyes to See

I . . . will make you to be a covenant for the people and . . . to open eyes that are blind. Isaiah 42:6-7

READ Isaiah 42:5-9


Genevieve had to be the “eyes” for her three children, each born with congenital cataracts. Whenever she took them into their village in the Republic of Benin of western Africa, she strapped the baby onto her back and held on to the arm and hand of her older two, always looking for danger. In a culture where blindness was thought to be caused by witchcraft, Genevieve despaired and cried out to God for help.

Then a man from her village told her about Mercy Ships, a ministry that provides vital surgeries to honor Jesus’ model of bringing hope and healing to the poor. Uncertain if they could help, she approached them. When the children woke up after their surgeries, they could see!

God’s story has always been about coming alongside those shrouded in darkness and bringing His light. The prophet Isaiah declared that God would be “a light for the Gentiles” (Isaiah 42:6). He would “open eyes that are blind” (v. 7), restoring not only physical sight but spiritual vision as well. And He promised to “take hold” of His people’s hand (v. 6). He restored sight to the blind and brought light to those living in the darkness.

If you feel overcome by darkness, cling to hope as you embrace the promises of our loving Father while asking for His light to bring illumination.

By Amy Boucher Pye


How has God opened your eyes, physically or spiritually? How can He remove the blinders you may have?

Heavenly Father, You desire that no one would live in darkness. Release Your love on those who are blinded in any way, that they might see.

Learn more about having a personal relationship with God.


Isaiah 42:1-4 is the first of four “Servant Songs” in Isaiah (see also 49:1-6; 50:4-9; 52:13–53:12). Various passages in Isaiah point to Israel, God’s chosen people, as the servant (41:8; 44:21; 45:4; 48:20). While many of those prophetic songs do deal with Israel in the nation’s circumstances at that time, New Testament scholars believe other passages find their ultimate fulfillment in Jesus the Messiah (42:1; see 11:2; 49:3, 5-7; 50:10; 52:13; 53:11), the one who came in the very form and essence of a servant (Philippians 2:5-8)—obeying to the point of death on the cross. This servant’s heart was also displayed in Christ the night before the cross when He took the place of the lowest slave and washed His disciples’ feet in the upper room (John 13:1-17). This striking example of the heart of the divine Servant was an example to teach us how to serve both God and one another.

Bill Crowder
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