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Friday, June 14 2024

This Week:

Wed. 10-12, Donut and conversation day at the Bread Ministry. All welcome!

Thurs. 6:30 PM Support Team Zoom 

Sun. Worship 10 AM (Happy Father's Day!)


Good Morning Followers of the Way! Jesus is not only THE Way, He is the only way. He is the Truth and the Life as well and reminds us that no one can come to the Father except through Him. He is our Savior, Intercessor, Mediator, Lord, Shepherd, Helper and Friend! PTL! And He is so much more too! Is He your Lord and Shepherd? Are His ways, your ways? The early church were called the Followers of the Way before they were called Christ's Ones/Christians. Following Jesus and His ways are still our mission today. He created us for such a time as this. He has custom made plans for each of us and us as His Body to discover and accomplish. One of my prayers is that many people would see us as Followers of the Way and we would be excited to follow His ways. Amen! Ask God what He has for you today. Ask Jesus to intercede for you and relay God's direction through His Spirit. Pray for willing hearts and moving hands and feet that follow His way with joy and thanksgiving. PTL for what He is doing in and through you and us and ask Him to continue to be your and our Lord and Shepherd as he continues His good works through you and us. Thanks Lord! Amen!

One of God's plans for us is to continue to work at becoming like the Acts 2:42 church. Studying His Word together, praying together, fellowshipping together, eating and communing together. And as we do He will continue to add to our numbers as we reach out in love, bless outsiders and invite them in. Yesterday we had a great day of worship, fellowship and food around the picnic tables in Community Park. (Thanks to our picnic team for a great day!) As I recalled who gathered with us yesterday, God brought to mind how He has been adding to our numbers those who are being saved and drawn to His ways through us. Maybe half or more of the adults and children that were there are new comers to our fellowship and some are still dipping their toes in the water to see if God is leading them to Him through us. Pray for God to continue connecting us to outsiders He is drawing--His harvest. Thank Him for our harvest workers, even the new ones He has grafted into our vine. Thank Him for leading us to His new things and for providing for us. Ask Him to continue His good work in and through you and that many would see you as a Follower of the Way and be drawn to Him. And just thank God for the new life He is breathing into our fellowship! He does have great plans that are coming to life as we learn to deny self, take up cross daily and follow Him! I am so blessed to be serving with you and following God together! Thanks for being part of His Body and Good News Delivery Co. and allowing Him to use you as He created you to be used. What a joy to be part of this group of Followers of the Way! I can't wait to see where He leads us and meet those He is sending!

Man! God sure has been speaking to me the past 2 and a half hours through time in our devotionals and prayer. I think He gave me a couple of sermons today and what could be a very long blog. But God! He said let them spend time with me and hear my voice and prepare to follow my Way today. So, I will just attach our devotionals below in the order He ordered them and allow you to spend time with Him in prayer, listening, pondering, journaling, discussing with some friends and preparing to follow the Way today. He has great plans for you and is informing your prayers and speaking to your heart. Be still and know and then get up and follow. Amen! Yesterday we discussed the feeding of the 5000 and Jesus telling the disciples to feed the people. He is not only inviting you to join Him, He has commanded you to go and make disciples as you feed His sheep. You have two choices: saying yes or no. Ask for willing hearts that honor Him and His way, courage and wisdom to follow well and good fruit to come. Ask for some teammates too. And then deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Jesus and His ways. Amen!

TWFYT: Do you believe in the vision God has given you and are you working on doing it? Who is helping you? Are you able to articulate the vision God has goiven you? Try writting it down!

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ODB: Read and meditate on 2 Tim.4:1-8 What's God saying to you? He really spoke to my heart as I meditated on this passage, "But you..." What of these might you need to work on?

Every Moment Counts

Keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist. 2 Timothy 4:5

READ 2 Timothy 4:1-8


When the Titanic hit an iceberg in April 1912, Pastor John Harper secured a spot for his six-year-old daughter in one of the limited number of lifeboats. He gave his life-vest to a fellow passenger and shared the gospel with anyone who would listen. As the vessel sank and hundreds of people awaited an unlikely rescue, Harper swam from one person to another and said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved” (Acts 16:31 kjv).

During a meeting for survivors of the Titanic in Ontario, Canada, one man referred to himself as “the last convert of John Harper.” Having rejected Harper’s first invitation, the man received Christ when the preacher asked him again. He watched as Harper devoted the last moments of his life to sharing Jesus before succumbing to hypothermia and sinking below the surface of the icy water.

In his charge to Timothy, the apostle Paul encourages a similar urgency and dedication to selfless evangelism. Affirming God’s constant presence and the inevitable return of Jesus, Paul charges Timothy to preach with patience and precision (2 Timothy 4:1-2). The apostle reminds the young preacher to remain focused, though some people will reject Jesus (vv. 3-5).

Our days are limited, so every moment counts. We can be confident that our Father secured our spot in heaven as we proclaim, “Jesus saves!”

By Xochitl Dixon


How does knowing your days are limited increase your urgency to share the good news of Jesus’ love? How will you reach out to others today?

Jesus, please give me opportunities to share Your love with others.


Paul’s counsel to Timothy in the final chapter of his second letter is a remarkable essay on finishing strong. It begins with a weighty charge for Timothy to fulfill the ministry that had been entrusted to him (2 Timothy 4:1-2). He continues by warning him of the dangerous—even antibiblical—perspectives of the culture around him, calling him to stand firm in the midst of that culture (vv. 3-5). The aged and no doubt weary apostle then expresses the drive and commitment that pushed him to faithful service since he came to faith in Christ (vv. 6-7). The church planter, missionary, and Scripture writer then closes this section by stating the hope he has of what would happen when his inevitable execution took place and he entered the presence of his Savior (v. 8). What an inspirational essay! May God likewise enable us to be faithful to the end in service for Him.

Bill Crowder

CS: What's hindering you from hearing and following Jesus? Pray the prayer at the end of this earnestly!

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UR: A Grace-Filled Question. God will restore you and send you on a mission that helps you refocus and get back at it. How is He inviting you to step out in faith, change your thinking and follow Him to feed His sheep?

Jesus said to him, “Feed my sheep.” - John 21:17 (NRSVUE)

In the early days of dating my wife, I messed up — badly. I owned up to my mistake, but she was hurt and rightfully so. I remember wanting to skip over the next part, the awkwardness that comes when a relationship is in healing mode. But I pushed through, and our relationship grew as a result.

There are no shortcuts to mending fractured relationships. Maybe that’s why Jesus handles his reunion with Peter by asking him, “Do you love me?” not once, not twice, but three times. Each repetition is a step toward healing, and an opportunity for Peter to be honest. Through that honesty, Peter can move past the pain of betraying his friend and accept the grace of forgiveness that Jesus offers.

No matter how stark our betrayal, no matter how strong our belief that we aren’t worthy of grace, Christ’s love for us is steady and eternal. Jesus is always waiting, ready to respond with grace, ready to empower us to follow wherever he leads.


Dear Jesus, give us the strength to work through the healing process in our relationships, even when we are the ones in need of grace. Amen.

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