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Saturday, July 06 2024

Good Morning Surrendered Bondservants of Christ! Amen! May this be me/us Lord! May we learn to humble ourselves in surrender to You and Your will. May we learn to die to self, take up cross and follow Jesus. Learn to bow before our King and be about Your business in Your ways and timing. Thank You! Come! Fill us, mold us, lead us as we surrender to You and don Your easy yoke. Teach us to be more like Jesus and to be about Your business. Thank You! Your Kingdom come and will be done! Amen!

Yesterday was a great day of worship, praise prayer and learning from His Word! Sarah reminded us of our power source--God and our need to plug into that. We thought about how we have potential energy that needs to be tapped and applied to get traction and movement. We are custom made, gifted and empowered, for such a time as this, just as we are, to go and make disciples. Amen! We were reminded that we all have a part to play in God's Good News delivery company and that prayer is a critical and key component as the prayers of God's righteous people (us) are powerful and effective. Check out Harvest Prayers blog helping us to develop as pray-ers. Claim and release your power in prayer and release God's power in heaven and on earth too. Partner with Him in powerful prayer to bring His will alive and to empower our Body too!

Yesterday as we contemplated our dependence upon God even though we a free in Christ, we were reminded of His ways that are far beyond our human understanding. How can we be free and dependent? Well that is God's way. Right? How can we live by dying? We need to die to self and become a bondservant of Jesus to truly live! Amen! Check put TWFYT and CS (below) speaking about the molding and shaping and growing that comes as we endure the storms of life with Christ and learn to surrender to allow Him to shape and guide us to His best. I was reading another devo today that asks, "How would an attitude of surrender affect your life? How might it bring you more freedom, not less, as the world would have you believe?" Yes we are free and surrendered and learning to live well in Christ. May we always seek to die to self, take up cross and follow Jesus and work on that every day. Humble yourself and bow before our King, receive His marching orders, rise in praise and obedience and go learn to live and love more like Jesus. Stop depending on your own thinking! Acknowledge God in all your ways and allow Him to lead you today, surrendered bondservant of Christ! AMEN!

Harvest Connection Blog    

July 1 - Growing Your Prayer Life

God wants to teach you some things about your prayer life:

Abide in Me - Learn how to stop, listen, and be silent throughout the day. It is the art of listening that makes My voice clear and distinct. I want you to learn how to quiet your soul in the midst of anything and everything. To abide in Me. Some of this is external - resisting the noise of the world. Some is internal -  practicing the presence of God. Retreating. Consciously listening, for I am here and I am not silent. (John 15:4-5)

Ask More of Me in Prayer - Until now, you have asked for nothing. Ask and you will receive so your joy may be full. As you do, the world will see Me. I want to use you to show the world—and I want to use your church to show the world—that I answer the prayers of My people. That I am there constantly, waiting for them to pray. (John 15:11)

Let Me Help Your Life to Bear Great, Lasting Fruit - I have so much more for you than you can imagine! You are fearfully and wonderfully made. I have given you spiritual gifts. My very Self, the Holy Spirit, resides in you. I will guide you into great prayers if you will listen to Me, and I will produce great fruit through you if you will surrender and obey My promptings. I want to produce fruit through you that will last into eternity. But … you must pray! (John 15:16)

Walk carefully through these Biblical thoughts again. Would you pause right now and respond in prayer to each of these things He is saying to you?

Sovereign Lord, teach me to abide in You and with You. There are so many things and so much noise competing for attention in my life – and only “one thing” is needed…sitting at Your feet and listening. I want to dwell in Your presence and disengage from all that distracts me from time with You. Show me how to be bold in my prayer life – to ask big things of You that align with Your kingdom purpose so that others might see Your power. Holy Spirit, help me to stay attached to the Vine so that my life might be fruitful and useful for the glory of Your Name!

---Adapted from Prayer with No Intermission by Bill Elliff. This book is available at

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