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Thursday, September 28 2023

Mark your calendars: Sun Oct 1st 10 am, Worldwide Communion worship. 

Wed Oct. 4th Dinner gathering of Family Ministries (all ages) and The Chosen Huddle from 6-8pm. 

Sun Oct 8th, worship at 10. And 2-4pm will be season of prayer for our denomination, district, churches to become a dynamic movement of God and for personal needs. (Our bishop has called us all to a season of prayer)

Wed Oct 11th 10-12 Donuts and discussions during our Bread ministry then 6-8pm Family Ministries/Chosen Huddles dinner and discussions.

All are welcome to any of our activities.

Good Morning Being Transformed Followers of Jesus. One of the popular sayings in The Chosen is, "I was one way, but, now I am another!" Amen! Last night at our Chosen/Family Ministries dinner and huddles (plan to join us next Wed. at 6-8 and bring some friends) we discussed this. Every day we journey to become more like Christ and towards fulfilling our custom made purposes in Him. As long as we are breathing the air of this world, God want to pour out His love on us and grow us towards our created potential as He prepares us for the days when we will be breathing the air of heaven. In our journey to Christlikeness and towards becoming more fully who we were created to be, we will have days of advance and days of backsliding. But as we look back and assess how we are doing in our walk with Jesus, Lord willing, we will see that we were one way and now we are another. PTL! God loves you and created you just as you are to accomplish your custom made purposes each day and along the way. He is with you, has gifted you and enables you to continue to grow to the greater things He has for you. Allow Him to do more than you could ever imagine--His will. What a gift we receive when we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior! Yes we were one way and now another and next year we can be another better way in Christ. That's being a disciple of Jesus. Who are you taking along in your journey? Ask God to show you who to invite.

Many around us are struggling and depressed, even believers, because they have not found or understood their created purposes. Do you know yours? Seek God and the counsel of some believers as you process together who you are in Christ and what Hiss plans are for you. They are good! Last evening Family Ministries discussed John 10 where Jesus teaches that He is our Good Shepherd and that His sheep (us) hear His voice and follow Him. Are you hearing Jesus speaking to your heart today saying, "I love you! I have great plans for you today! Follow Me!"? You can as you open His Word and sit as His feet with open ears and prayerful heart. Ask Him to speak to you and for ears to hear and heart and mind to understand. But understanding and knowledge is just the beginning. Ask for feet to follow and hands to serve as you walk with Him through each day. That's all He asks. Be you and do what He has for you to do. Live and love like Jesus as you are and as you go. And ask God who He wants you to travel with. He sent His disciples two by two and continues today to send us with partners. Ask God to help you find someone, even this week, to help find their purpose in Christ and to learn to walk with Him into His greater things for them. (Make disciples!)

Today I begin homebound visitations. I have observed two kinds of people: those with hope and purpose and those without. You can figure out which have joy and which are miserable and depressed. As long as we live here, each day God has some purposes for you--plans for you. Good plans! No matter what you are going through, your age, physical health, and abilities, You are here for a purpose. Choose to seek, trust, obey and follow well each day and you will be filled with joy as you enjoy the abundant life God promised you. We are blessed to be a blessing and get blessed back as we bless. What joy! Maybe God is pinching you to encourage some friends who are isolated and struggling to find purpose and joy? Maybe your purpose for today is to break out of your slump and go love like Jesus? Great joy and abundant life await as you move from being one way to another!

We are reading through John 6 this week and will be discussing it Sunday. When we completed our study of Ecclesiastes a few weeks ago we were reminded that life is meaning less with out God. But we know Him and are being made new in Christ and our lives have meaning. Solomon concludes with our purpose: Love God and enjoy life. Amen! Be you and love well today! That leads to the abundant life we are promised. In John 6:27 Jesus commands us to, "Spend your energy seeking the eternal life that the Son of Man came to give you." This is not a ""works" kind of thing trying to earn our way to salvation. He's saying stop striving so hard and worrying about your needs in this world that He promises to provide. He's calling us to focus on Him and growling into our fuller potential in Him as we invest into our future heavenly purposes. In verse 29 He says, "This is the only work God wants from you, believe in the One He sent." We believe! We have assurance of our future address. And we have purposes each day as we prepare for the day when we will be a whole new way, just like Jesus and with Him for eternity.

So what hungers are you seeking to fulfill today? Col 3:11 reminds us that in this life Christ is all that matters and He lives in you. PTL! Feed your spiritual hunger and seek first His kingdom and all other things will be added. He provides! Trust Him! Seek Him and follow well as you go love like Him today! Drink deep of the Living Water--the pause the refreshes. Love God. Be you and enjoy this day! Before you know it, you will be another way too! Amen! And Shalom!

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