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Sunday, October 08 2023

Today: Worship at 10 (live and on Zoom) with Children's Church. Today we will be discussing John 7 and 8 that we read during the week. (next week John 9-10). 

Today: A Season of Prayer 2-4 in the sanctuary. All are welcome! Come and go as needed.

Good Morning Unique, Purposeful Followers of Jesus! What an amazing God we serve! PTL! He is a God of creative diversity where all of nature is created with beauty and purposes--us included. Eph. 2:10 continues to come to mind as I pray for you and our Good News Delivery Company called St. Matts. We are God's uniquely created masterpieces. We are made new in Christ which is a one time salvation new life and at the same time a growing into the new nature He created us to wear. We receive the Holy Spirit's help and gifts and become enabled to grow into our fuller potential at conversion. Why? To do the custom made things God has for us each day and throughout the days of our journey on earth. As we realize this and move towards the greater things God has for us, as we shed our old nature and earthly ways, we begin to find ourselves in that sweet spot that only comes from being and doing the things we were created to be and do, we find our peace, joy and purposes growing. It's hard to explain unless you have experienced it. Charles Stanley has done a pretty good job in his devo for today (below). We were born with great potential that is activated as we come to Christ in faith. Then we are enabled and empowered at that point to truly be who we were created to be doing the things we were created to do at each stage of life. What blessings, joy and shalom that brings as we step into that with God!

This is what the Become Me in '23 Challenge is all about. It is a passion God has given me to help us all find that sweet spot and us as God's Fellowship as well. He has created each of us and our church with great potential and His purposes are awaiting us as we grow in Christ. Our mission is to allow God to live and love through us as we become more like Jesus. Our denomination's vision is for all our churches to become a dynamic movement of God with a burning passion for Him and a missionary zeal for the lost. God has great plans for each of us and our church as He moves us towards that. Today from 2-4 we will be gathering in our sanctuary to pray into this and to release God's will, power, provision and wisdom. Join us and bring some friends! We will also be praying for any personal needs. Every movement of God was and is birthed from prayer. We are a praying church. For many of you, your purpose for this stage of life is to be a prayer warrior and God's provision for His plans. You have a very needed and powerful purpose in our Good News Delivery Company! Thank you for serving and for allowing God to grow you into your fuller potential for this season of your life! We need you and your prayers and provisions shared. Thanks again! 

We were uniquely created for purposes for all seasons of our lives. God wants to fulfill our desires as we do His custom made purposes and gives us the help and ability to achieve them. PTL! He is preparing us for our eternal future and we are building our treasure in heaven to be used to worship God and be used to carry on His custom made purposes. What an awesome God! Life in Christ is good! We have much to worship and praise for and much to be excited about as we follow Jesus to what's next for us! In John 7 and 8 we will see today the example Jesus left for us for how to trust God amidst all kinds of chaos and focus on our mission and fulfill our created purposes well! Run well your race! Allow God to live and love through you and follow well to God's very best for you and us. Shalom! You can know it as you trust and obey each day.

Charles Stanley devo:

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We are learning to live and love like Jesus. 

We are working on becoming who we were created to be and doing our custom made purposes well. 

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