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Monday, October 23 2023
Good Morning Partners! Yee Ha! It's another week of blessings and favor as we worship, surrender, and ask Jesus to lead us to be a blessing to Him and others! Rejoice and put on those coveralls under your armor. Our attitudes are affected by our choices and focus. Keep your eyes focused on Jesus and your heart open to His directing. Watch and see that He is with you, at work and always loving! Amen!
Father, thank You for Your love, amazing grace, presence with us always and always lovingly working things together for good. Thank You for allowing us to choose and helping us to choose well. We humble ourselves before you today and ask that You would be the Lord of our lives, choices and week. Your will be done! Show us who to partner with to encourage and be encouraged, to discern, process and put into action Your perfect plans. Expand our territory and Your Kingdom. Father, forgive us for clinging too tightly to our plans and agendas. Forgive us for lagging behind or running ahead. Forgive us for leaning on our own understanding. Forgive our fear and lack of faith. We trust! Forgive our unbelief and help us to hold loosely to our plans and allow You to work yours out through us and in us. Lord we put on Your armor in prayer right now and are determined to stand firm in You and on Your Word, We proclaim Your promises over our lives and situations. Come! We wait on You! Thank You for loving us and working all things together for good. Thank You for equipping and empowering us to go love like Jesus. Show us who, how and when and teach us to make disciples of the harvest you are bringing to us. Prepare the way for Sunday to be a day we bless many and many feel and experience Your love and are drawn to You. use us Lord! We offer ourselves as an act of worship and obedience. Fulfill Your plans for each of us and us together today and this week and for weeks to come. Thank You for all the blessings including creating us for such a time as this! Mat=y we steward well all Your blessings and be about Your business and do so well. Thank You! We ask these things in the name of Jesus. May He become known all around us this year! Amen!
May you all be filled with the joy of your salvation today as you choose to live and love like Jesus and follow His shalom! Amen!
Our Daily Bread:

Surrendering to God

Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this. Psalm 37:5

READ Psalm 37:1–6

God doesn’t help those who help themselves; He helps those who trust in and rely on Him. Jonathan Roumie—the actor who plays Jesus in the successful TV series The Chosen, which is based on the Gospels—realized this in May 2018. Roumie had been living in Los Angeles for eight years, was nearly broke, had enough food just for the day, and had no work in sight. Not knowing how he would make it, the actor poured out his heart and surrendered his career to God. “I literally [prayed] the words, ‘I surrender. I surrender.’ ” Later that day, he found four checks in the mail and three months later, he was cast for the role of Jesus in The Chosen. Roumie found that God will help those who trust in Him.

Rather than being envious of and fretting over those “who are evil” (Psalm 37:1), the psalmist invites us to surrender everything to God. When we center our daily activities on Him, “trust in [Him] and do good,” “take delight in [Him]” (vv. 3–4), and surrender to Him all our desires, problems, anxieties, and the daily events of our lives, God will direct us and give us peace (vv. 5–6). As believers in Jesus, it’s vital for us to let Him determine what our lives should be.

Let’s surrender and trust God. As we do, He’ll take action and do what’s necessary and best.

By Marvin Williams


What parts of your life are off limits to God these days? What will it mean for you to surrender your life to Him today?

Dear God, please help me to surrender to You freely today and experience Your life and peace.


Psalm 37 is one of many “wisdom psalms,” so-called because they teach us to cultivate a long-term mindset, fixing our hearts and minds on what’s truly important rather than living for short-term gain. In Psalm 37, David deals with the same perplexity that Asaph struggles with in Psalm 73—the wicked prosper, while the godly suffer unjustly. Psalm 37 is a psalm of promise for those who seek God and a psalm of disaster for those who fail to do so. David tells those who suffer unjustly not to fret, be envious, or be angry, for God will punish the evildoers (vv. 1–2, 7–10, 35–38). Instead, the godly are to patiently trust and rest fully in Him and to continue to live lives set apart for God (vv. 3–8). The assurance is that “the Lord upholds the righteous” (v. 17) and “will not forsake his faithful ones” (v. 28).

K. T. Sim
Charles Stanley:
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